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Halo Leather

Transformed By Hand

Halo spends hours fine-tuning each piece: leather is patiently subjected to intricate ageing techniques, with each product requiring seven stages of hand finishing by skilled craftsmen.  With all of the leather from Halo’s tannery, the pigments are worked into the leather by hand the way it is done traditionally, leading to a rich colour palette, rather than the uniform treatments often used today.

It takes more time and physical effort, but the rich colour, texture and patina is impossible to achieve in any other way, and makes each hide totally unique. Small irregularities in shapes, finishes and surfaces are hallmarks of such craftsmanship and should not be considered defects but as a sign of the unique authenticity – and cherished as such.

Aniline Hides

Halo is synonymous with quality, vintage inspired leathers. Halo leather furniture is made from 100% uncorrected aniline leather. It is created on a solid wood frame and its cushions are foam with a fiber wrap. The quality of aniline hides, the patina finishes that create the vintage leather aesthetic and the attention to detail are what separates Halo from the copyists and the imitators. The richness of colour and texture and the luxuriously soft handle are the hallmark of excellence.

Timber and Metal Finishes

Halo use the finest oak and ash timber, hand-crafted and hand-finished to create the unique appearance of their cabinet collections. Each piece is lovingly made by hand, making each piece unique to you. The finish is created by the finest artisans using traditional techniques used for centuries in cabinet making. Wood grain, colour variances, texture changes and knots are all part of the charm of our collections.

Wood is a natural product and the depth, shade of colours and grain pattern vary from item to item. Changes of temperature and atmospheric moisture content will cause movement.


Moleskin and Linen Finishes

Halo Vintage Moleskin upholstery is a truly special finish with a soft velvety texture reminiscent of more opulent times. The vintage washing locks in the rich colours and produces a gorgeous finish suited for any form. Halo Linen Fabrics are famous for being strong, premium quality and durable. The range of fabrics are finished in beautiful soft tones creating a natural elegance in your home.


270 270 Antique whisky2

Antique Whisky

Antique Black 2

Antique Black

Antique Tobacco2

Antique Tobacco

Biker Dark Brown2

Biker Dark Brown

Biker Tan2

Biker Tan



Destroyed Black2

Destroyed Black

Destroyed Raw 2

Destroyed Raw


Old England Coffee

Old Glove Espresso2

Old Glove Espresso

Riders Black2

Riders Black

Riders Cocoa2

Riders Cocoa

Riders White

Riders White

Riders Gunmetal2

Riders Gunmetal

Riders Mocha2

Riders Mocha

Riders Nut2

Riders Nut

Vintage Cigar2

Vintage Cigar


Antique Oak2

Antique Oak

Black Oak3

Black Oak

Bleached Oak3

Bleached Oak



Versailles Oak3

Versailles Oak

Weathered oak2

Weathered Oak


Antique Rust 2

Antique Rust



Brushed steel2

Brushed Steel



Shiny Steel 2

Shiny Steel

Vintage Moleskin

Velvet Graphite2



Cirrus Linen Stone2


London Trunk in Canvas Stripe 2

Red & Beige Stripes