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Bespoke goes beyond Made-to-Measure. Bespoke is about unique and individually crafted furnishings that are created, personalised and tailored to your very own specifications. Bespoke is all about you, your style, your personality, and the desire to create a beautiful home. Bespoke is not for those who want the ordinary.

Lewis’s Bespoke helps you to make your decorating dreams come true. We understand how best to address the functionality of:

  • Privacy and outlook
  • Light and noise control
  • Warmth and insulation
  • Operation and automation
  • Protection and lasting quality.

More importantly we have the belief and the passion that together we can turn your curtains and soft furnishings into Art.



As with all art, this is an investment that will enhance your home, and will be appreciated long after the furnishings are installed. Like all good things, this approach takes a little longer, as we work together to deliver the dream.

Pricing Guide

Bespoke has a wide range of pricing, and our experienced Curtain Designers can work with you to achieve the results you are looking for, and they will find a way of making this come together within your budget.

With more than seventy years of experience, Lewis’s has the expertise, the fabrics, and the skilled artisans to make your bespoke furnishings.

The heart of Lewis’s is Bespoke. Your furnishings are just as important to us as they are to you. Our passion and commitment is second to none, and this along with our reputation, was why Lewis’s was chosen to make curtains and furnishings for the 2011 refurbishment of Government House in Wellington.



  • Unique and individually crafted furnishings
  • Personalised and tailored to you
  • Turn your curtains and furnishings into Art.
  • An investment that will enhance your home
  • Like all good things, this approach takes a little longer as we work together to deliver the dream
  • Tailored pricing packages to suit most budgets