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   600,000 homes have inadequate insulation

   1/3 of our energy bills are attributed to heating

   42-45% of heat escapes out our windows

In the common New Zealand household, over one third of the energy bill is attributed to keeping our homes warm.  However, according to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), over 600,000 New Zealand homes have inadequate insulation, resulting in all of this heat being lost through our roofs, walls and windows.


BRANZ, an independent research company for the Building Industry, released a report recently outlining where heat is lost in the home.  According to BRANZ, 42-45% of heat, in houses insulated to Pre-2007 requirements, is lost through windows.  Even if your home has been insulated under the 2007 Building Code, in which double glazing is a requirement, 21-31% of heat is still lost through windows.


The good news is that curtains can significantly reduce heat loss through your windows, making your home easier and cheaper to heat, and more comfortable and healthy to live in.  In fact, EECA believe that well-fitting curtains and blinds, when closed, can reduce heat loss though single glazed windows by 60% and through double glazed windows by 40-50%.  Consumer NZ also agree that insulating curtains and blinds can be just as effective as double glazing.


Insulating curtains have been identified as one of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss through windows. What gives a curtain its insulating properties is its insulating lining and its well-fitting design.

Insulating Lining

Lewis’s recommend Insulating Linings, which are sewn-in separate linings with a thermal coating. Air is trapped in the millions of tiny air pockets in the thermal coating, and in between the different layers of material.

Well-Fitting Curtains

Insulating curtains must be well-fitting in order to seal any gaps where air could escape. A well-fitting curtain must:

> Be fitted as close as possible to the window frame

> Be measured and fitted so that they touch the floor

> Overlap the window frame and return back to the wall at each side


Lewis’s also partner with Luxaflex to provide a range of attractive insulated blinds. Duette Blinds are very effective at trapping large amounts of air in their cellular structure. They are also available in block-out materials that have a reflective foil layer to reflect radiation. As a result, Luxaflex’s Duette Architella range in a block-out fabric offer 33% more insulation than double glazing.


For more information on how our insulating curtains and blinds can help reduce heat loss in your home, click below to view our Insulation Information Booklet.

Insulation Information Booklet