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Kinetics Motorisation

Kinetics Motorisation takes our passion for interior design and brings it into the world of Smart Homes, Voice Recognition and Home Automation. It is the latest and most advanced way of controlling your entire collection of window furnishings and it has never been simpler. A touch of a button, or even a simple voice command, allows you to create the mood of your choice, all from the comfort of your couch!

Lewis’s has been selling Kinetics for several years now. It truly is the ‘Smart’ choice, and we are proud to offer the full Kinetics range exclusively at Lewis’s in Wellington.



Kinetics Roman Blinds combine the simplicity of blinds with the versatility of fabric, allowing you to bring your own style and artistic expression to your home.

  • No more tangled, messy or dangerous cords hanging over furniture.
  • Beautiful & effective insulating option.



The unique shape of Kinetics cellular blinds, traps heat in the cells and creates excellent sound reduction, making them the most effective insulating blind.

  • A cellular blind provides more insulation than double-glazing alone.
  • Solid shades are perfect for any room where less light means more comfort.
  • Translucent shades offer filtered light into a room.



A practical and convenient design choice, Kinetics roller blinds are perfect for large living areas. From traditional tones to modern patterns, there are options to suit any décor. 

  • Roller blinds are available in solid, light filtering and sunscreen fabrics for privacy or to block light.
  • Combine two fabrics on one window with a double bracket for the best of both worlds.


Motorisation Technology


Kinetics Motorised blinds and tracks are powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery motors, so no electrician or wiring is required! They normally only need charging after about 6 months depending on the level of daily use, and this takes as little as 6 hours.


Kinetics Motorised products are sold with a digital remote. With the addition of a $148 SmartLink device, you can also operate your motorised blinds and tracks from your smart phone, or the latest voice and Smart Home technology. So, you can use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home systems to control your furnishings by voice. It makes operating those hard-to-reach windows effortless and gives you back the time you spend each day opening and closing your furnishings. It’s convenient, time saving and has never been more affordable.



Kinetics Motorisation replaces all dangerous and unsightly blind and curtain cords and chains. This makes them child safe, modern and aesthetically pleasing.


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Our aim is to take the mystery out of Motorisation and make it as simple as it can be. Visit our Showroom at 25 Centennial Highway Ngauranga or book a free consultation in your home or by phoning (04) 237 3737.