The Finishing Touch


Like art, cushions are essential for creating elegant, relaxed, and stimulating rooms. Lewis’s custom cushions bring comfort, colour, design, interest, and personality to your home. They are the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, and an easy way to create a fresh and vibrant feel in your home. 


Our cushions come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with optional details such as piping, flanges, and buttons. We can also offer different inners to ensure that you get the look and comfort you are after. Some options provide more structure, while others have a softer feel. Our experienced consultants will work with you to create cushions to complement your space, and your lifestyle.





1. Choose your Fabric


We love fabric, colour, texture, design, and there is an opportunity to bring these elements into your home with cushions. We can show you how to mix patterns and colours and embrace something unique to you.


2. Choose your Shape


Square, oblong, bolster, lumbar support, and squabs in any shape. Consider having a variety of shapes and sizes on your furniture and place the smaller cushions towards the front for a well-balanced look.


3. Choose your Size


We can help to ensure the size of your cushions are in proportion with your furniture. From 350 x 350 to 650 x 650 squared, or any size you would like, Lewis’s will make it.


4. Choose your Detail


Piped, flanged, trimmed, buttoned, contrast back, fabric borders and inserts. These details provide the opportunity to add contrasting colours and fabrics to make the cushions pop.


5. Choose your Inner


We offer a range of quality cushion inners, ensuring you get the look and comfort you need. From Original Polyester inners, Gossamer, Feather-Pearl, Feather-Down and Outdoor Pearl EasyDri inners, we have the inner for every occasion. 




Be creative, be inspired and have fun!


You can get started designing your cushions with help from one of our friendly consultants in our showroom at 25 Centennial Highway.
Alternatively phone (04) 237 3737 or click here for an appointment with one of our In-Home experts who will come to you.

Let’s work together to Show Your Home Some Love