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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing new window furnishings is an exciting process, but it can also be quite daunting. Below are some questions and answers to those important questions you may have. For further information please talk to our helpful staff in-store.

What does our Free Curtain Making cover?

Lewis’s Free Curtain Making is an attractive discount offering you genuine savings. Click below for more information on making surcharges and fabric conditions.

FAQ – Free Curtain Making


What should I be aware of before I purchase a new Roman Blind?

Roman Blinds are a very popular form of window treatment that look very smart. However, you need to understand the nature of fabrics and the impact of these characteristics on Roman Blinds. Click below for factors you should be aware of before purchasing your Roman Blind.

FAQ – Roman Blinds


Why should I add a Lining to my Window Furnishings?

If you’ve never brought custom-made curtains before, you may feel like adding a lining is just another additional cost. However, lining your curtains has a number of benefits, which could actually save you money in the long-run. Click below for the benefits of linings and the different lining options that Lewis’s offer.

FAQ – Linings



Why is Lewis’s Price not always the Cheapest Price?

The notion that all companies make and install curtains to the same standard is unfortunately not the case. As a result, Lewis’s pricing may not always be the cheapest, but you can be confident that Lewis’s focus and passion is on providing you with a quality result. Click below for more information on the value that Lewis’s can offer you.

FAQ – Lewis’s Pricing



Can I supply my own fabric?

Lewis’s is a Furnishing Fabrics Retailer. We have a number of suppliers that we have developed strong relationships with and are confident in the fabrics that they supply. Using your own fabric can lead to issues around warrantees, fabric suitability and fabric quality. Click below for more information on supplying your own fabric.

FAQ – Supplying Own Fabric



How can I ensure my Curtains and Blinds are safe for children in my home?

At Lewis's we have taken a leading approach to child safety ensure that all children are safe from the danger of curtain and blind cords. Consumer NZ has reported thirteen deaths from blind cord accidents in New Zealand between 2002 and 2009 and we know this tragic trend has continued. We have decided that it's not worth the risk. Click below for more information on how we can help improve child safety in your home.

FAQ - Lewis's Child Safety Policy



Can Lewis’s create Soft Furnishings for my Boat, Bus, Caravan or Motor Home?

These vehicles require curtains, blinds, and squabs which have very specialised requirements. Click below for more information on these specialised requirements, and the contact details of those we recommend you discuss your requirements with.

FAQ – Boats, Buses, Caravans and Motor Homes




What should I be aware of before I choose a Linen Fabric?

Linen has been a popular choice of fabric for some time.  It grows well and is produced with minimal chemicals which means the resulting fabric is very strong and has amazing ‘living’ characteristics. While these ‘living’ characteristics provide the natural look we love, it is important to understand how this raw state will behave over time.  Click below for more information on each of these characteristics.

FAQ – Linen



What should I be aware of before I choose a Velvet Fabric?

When choosing a velvet fabric, it’s important to understand that not all velvets will behave the same. Click below for more information on the characteristics of different velvets.

FAQ – Velvet



How are Curtains and Blinds effective Insulation?

According to BRANZ, 42-45% of heat is lost through windows. The good news is that well-fitting curtains and blinds, when closed, can reduce this heat loss through single glazed windows by 60% and through double glazed windows by 40-50%. Click below for more information on how Lewis’s can help you reduce heat loss in your home.

FAQ - Insulation