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Christmas 23

Lewis’s Christmas Colour Story celebrates all the classic festive colours we love, but in a refreshed and elevated way. Featuring cherry, cinnamon and chocolate hues; sage, pine and martini greens; and creamy champagne neutrals - the Colours of Christmas will bring warmth and joy to your home all year round.


A 'grown up' classic


Red has always taken centre stage at Christmas. One of the most passionate interior colours, Red brings energy and life to a room. This year, opt for a refined ‘grown up’ take on the classic Christmas red with earthy terracotta and burgundy tones. These more muted hues bring warmth and sophistication to a room whilst still maintaining an inviting energy. Rich tones such as cherry, merlot and marsala also pair perfectly with a touch of gold, for added elegance.

1: James Dunlop Allium Marsala, 2: James Dunlop Trailblazer Cherry, 3: James Dunlop Carter Spice, 4: Mokum Como Marsala, 5: James Dunlop Alpine Cherrywood, 6: James Dunlop Taffy Burgundy, 7: James Dunlop Element Terracotta, 8: James Dunlop Trail Merlot

New Beginnings


The influence nature has on interior design will always be timeless and green is quickly becoming the ‘new neutral’ of choice. Once again, look for more muted tones this season. Soft sage and fresh eucalyptus tones create a restful retreat while deep martini green and pine hues are both moody and chic. Representing new beginnings and invoking a sense of rest and relaxation, green is the perfect colour to bring in the New Year.

1: Mokum Eternal Eucalyptus, 2: James Dunlop Panier Emerald, 3: Zepel Bolt Pine, 4: James Dunlop Earthwild Pesto, 5: Zepel Calvary Pine, 6: James Dunlop Frisco Ivy, 7: James Dunlop Maharaja Sage, 8: Mokum Satnin Martini, 9: Mokum Bespoke Martini


Christmas Comfort


Christmas doesn’t have to be bright and colourful to feel festive. Colours such as cinnamon, pinecone, chestnut and chocolate ooze Christmas comfort and are popping up everywhere in 2023. Full of character, these warm and homely tones can be heroes on their own, or the perfect complement to both red and green.

1: Mokum Pueblo Tobacco, 2: James Dunlop Luxury Chocolate, 3: Mokum Satnin Chocolate, 4: James Dunlop Determination Chestnut,
5: James Dunlop Taylor Spice, 6: James Dunlop Kyoto Truffle, 7: James Dunlop Alpine Clay, 8: James Dunlop Provence Pinecone

Let it snow


No matter where you live in the world, there is something enchanting about a white Christmas. Once again in 2023, the trend is to opt for neutrals with a warmer tone. As a softer take on the festive neutral, champagne, biscuit and cream tones are infused with a sense of calm that is perfect for the holiday season. As always, when decorating with neutrals, texture and layering is essential. When used in conjunction with metallic hues, the added sparkle of a gold or silver accent will bring a touch of elegance to any room.

1: James Dunlop Luxe Champagne, 2: James Dunlop Vienna Champagne, 3: Mokum Grand Boucle Champagne, 4: James Dunlop Frisco Cream, 5: FR-One Supra Biscuit, 6: Mokum Makai White Gold, 7: James Dunlop Indent Nature Biscuit, 8: Mokum Metallique White Gold, 9: James Dunlop Earthwild Cream


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