How To Do Black


Black. A powerful, yet relatively simple way to add high impact to a space. Long gone are the days where black was considered ‘too dark’, or dare I say it, ‘gothic’. The most fascinating thing about black is its inherent ability to make other features stand out.

For example: the sharp black feature wall – instead of becoming an overbearing shade of darkness; manages to lighten up a space purely because of its contrast against the lighter walls and how we perceive colour. If you have art and prints on a black wall, they stand out and become the feature while the black hangs back and gives it support. Black also has the ability to make natural materials become the hero – again it’s all about contrast.

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Alternatively, using black sparingly and as an accent rather than a feature can give you some really great results – think of it as a way of framing certain characteristics kind of like your hair and eyebrows frame your face. Try using black window frames to perfectly capture the scene outside, or a consistent theme of black curtain rods on white walls, black light fixtures and tapware and even subtle details in furniture can make your space look curated, thoughtful and seamlessly put together.

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Thirdly, use it to draw the eye through a space. The benefit of drawing the eye through a space makes the viewer perceive the space as longer or bigger. Try and keep things visually appealing without disrupting the natural path the eye will take, i.e. your dining table lining up with your border. Simple yet often overlooked details will really make your space something special.

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