Interior Inspiration | The Modern NZ Villa


Some of our first built homes in New Zealand were of the iconic Villa style. The one storied, spacious layout was popular on the coastlines and suburbs alike. These villas were of such solid build that more than century later many New Zealanders can still call these home. 

Renovating a villa can be a daunting task. The big question is if to keep it traditional, or take a more modern approach to the interiors.

When it comes to window furnishings there is a real mix of products used throughout villas, and a lot depends on the taste of the homeowner. One of our favourite looks in a NZ villa is the classic look that Luxaflex Countrywood Timber Shutters create, used alongside floor to ceiling curtains. The use of both shutters and curtains will seal in the warmth, insulating your home in the cooler months and also creates a luxurious look. Floor to ceiling curtains are also a great way to create extra height in a room - plus you get to show off more of the gorgeous fabric you've selected.

There is certainly a mixture of wall treatments used throughout villas – timber paneling, pressed tin, clean white walls, colourful feature walls, and most wonderful of all, wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great way to bring pattern and introduce a colour carrier into a space. In some scenarios one wallpapered wall is enough without overwhelming the room, and then those colours can be carried through window furnishings and décor.

When it comes to furniture there are no rules as to what style will suit a villa. Whether you’re into a more classic rolled-arm look, mid-century slim lines and natural timbers, or something more contemporary and modular – there’s room for anything in a villa.

These looks below show how New Zealander’s are adapting the interiors of the classic villa to suit their contemporary lifestyle. It’s easy to be inspired by what these clever Kiwis are doing in their homes!



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