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Made to Measure

Lewis’s Made-to-Measure is Lewis’s alternative to Readymade curtains. It’s much easier, much better value and you get custom-made quality. Made-to-Measure is a quick solution when you have other demands on your time, but don’t want to compromise on the fabric, making and fit.

Lewis’s will measure and custom make curtains to your measurements, and we can also install these for you. It couldn’t be simpler. We meet with you in your home, which is the best place to select the fabrics to complement your existing décor. You choose from a wide variety of fabrics that Lewis’s stock at our workroom. We normally can give you an immediate price and delivery will be in approximately 4 weeks (subject to fabric availability).

A little extra time is needed if you would like us to install the curtains. You will pay more for this Made-to-Measure quality and service, but you will receive a lot more than when you buy Readymade curtains.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Helpful advice
  • Well-made and well-fitting curtains
  • Quality fabrics with Insulating linings
  • A longer lasting solution that will look smart for many years
  • And a quick and easy result that you will be very happy with.

Pricing Guide

A pair of curtains for a ranch slider window 2.5m wide will cost from approximately $500 depending on the fabrics selected, plus a little more for installation if required. This represents real value when you consider what you receive.

Lewis’s is Wellington’s Curtain specialist. Our fabric selection, workmanship, guarantees and pricing advantages go well beyond all others.

Lewis’s Made-to-Measure is a good option if you are in a hurry, looking for the best value, and like to leave it to the experts.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure

  • Much easier and better value than Readymades
  • We will measure and custom-make your curtains
  • We will also install these for you
  • We meet in your home to choose the fabrics
  • We can normally give you an immediate price
  • Delivery in approximately 14 days
  • Quality fabrics with insulating linings
  • Longer lasting solution
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