Trend | Wallpapered Bathrooms


We think wallpapering a bathroom is a stroke of genius. Much like a kitchen a bathroom is designed with functionality in mind, but wallpaper is a fantastic way to add colour and pattern. Bold designs work brilliantly in small spaces, so we say try something a bit different and be adventurous!

Wallpaper isn’t always the first thought when it comes to decorating a bathroom but it's a great way to achieve a unique look without the hassle and expense of using tiles – plus it’s so simple to change at a later date for a new look.

As with most projects, it pays to know what you’re doing before you start. Preparation is essential for the longevity of the wallpaper, the application and the overall finish. Below are a few tips to get you started.

-  Whether you’re replacing the GIB on the walls or not, the GIB must be completely dry and free of any signs of mould before you begin hanging wallpaper.

- Ensure your walls are properly cleaned, sanded, sealed and sized to allow for better results when hanging your wallpaper. If you are unsure about the condition of your walls or need more information regarding the correct preparation of your walls, check with a skilled tradesman, contact your local Resene Colorshop or call the Resene technical helpline on 0800 RESENE.

- There is varying advice around whether to choose a vinyl wallpaper, or a non-woven paper wallpaper, but so long as you have a well ventilated bathroom either type will make a great finish.  At Lewis’s we sell high-quality designer wallpapers which are all durable and washable.
- We want you to have the best possible finish on your wallpaper, so we recommend using a skilled tradesman to complete the job.

- ALWAYS include an extra roll of wallpaper in your budget as insurance for unforeseen mistakes, mishaps and possible future repairs. All of our wallpapers are indent – meaning they are ordered and manufactured from overseas. If you need to purchase an extra roll, sadly we can never guarantee that it will be from the same batch as your original rolls, and the colour can vary. Save yourself the pain – include that extra roll to keep in the cupboard!

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