Trend Alert - Inky Interiors

Trend Inky Interiors


Over the last couple of years, ‘all white and all bright’ Scandi interiors have proven to be a popular and lasting trend. However as with many things there is an opposite which can often be just as compelling.


The growing trend of inky interiors is equally as gorgeous and striking. Think of deep hues such as burgundy, indigo, forest greens, charcoal and black and offset these rich dark walls with pieces of equal intensity – including brightly coloured furniture and homewares. Secondly, like any interior trend, layering is key in curating a space that feels complete. Bring together different textures and finishes like leather, glass, marble, plush velvets and soft woven linens.


If you are unsure where to start, bedrooms are an ideal place to experiment with darker hues. Rather than making a space gloomy or depressing, deep inky colours suggest complexity. A sophisticated, moody and seductive feel – perfect for the boudoir!


In designing drapery to adorn your home, the selection at Lewis’s is vast. As pictured above, the ‘Envoy’ collection by James Dunlop contains a wonderful muted palette, which sits perfectly alongside this trend. A staple textile in our showroom collection, Envoy is a woven polyester which has the appearance and touch of linen; ideal in creating a natural feel in your home.


Pictured above: ‘ENVOY’ | Indigo | Sable | Graphite | Charcoal