Stay Or Go | Wallpaper On The Ceiling...


We’ve noticed a trend sweeping through the interiors industry and we think it is one to watch. When we think of wallpaper we immediately think WALLS – but what about the ceiling?? Some designers around the world have been doing some incredible work, some of which is using ceilings as a surface just like the walls.

“The ceiling is one sixth of room and people always completely forget about it,” says interior designer, Cecilie Starin. “It’s this huge space that you can use to change a room’s mood. You can do so much: Think colorful, dark, silver or gold leaf, wallpaper, patterned, graphic. It can totally change the feeling of the room and people never expect to look up and see it.”

We all know the saying all four walls, but why don’t we see the ceiling as the 5th wall?
Things to keep in mind:

- Think about the mood you are trying to create, the ceiling will have a dramatic impact on how people respond to the space.
- Try and look for a non-directional pattern. Some of the most successful ceilings use wallpapers that don’t seem to have a strong sense of direction through the pattern – even the bold stripe can be viewed from multiple angles.
- Embrace and accentuate any ceiling features you may have.

And if you’re bold enough why not try bringing the paper down the walls for a super encapsulating look. We’ve sifted through tonnes of images and hand-picked the best wallpapered ceilings to show you just how to do it.



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Wallpaper on the ceiling, what do you think?
Is it a trend to stay?