Rollershades: Simple & Stylish

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Timeless style and simplicity that works for every room in your home. This is how Luxaflex describes their range of Rollershades and we couldn’t agree more.

Rollershades are one of the most versatile blinds we have on offer at Lewis’s. They are the most modern and simplest of blinds – making them compatible with many architectural styles, be it a classic New Zealand villa or a waterfront apartment. The minimalist lines of a Rollershade allow them to merge in with any interior scenario.

However this is where the fun CAN start, depending on your aesthetic. Rollershades can merge with your décor or become a stand-out feature of the room. At Lewis’s we have the range of Gallery Exclusive fabrics available from Luxaflex, featuring gorgeous new prints and textures you can’t find at other Wellington retailers.

With the wide range of fabrics available for Rollershades you can screen the sun, filter the light or darken a room. 

Sunscreen fabrics have an open weave that screens sun, protects furnishings and provides daytime privacy. Luxaflex sunscreen fabrics are see-through, so you can screen bright sunshine without blocking the view.

Light Filtering fabrics are a smart choice if you want light and privacy at the same time.

Blockout fabrics are great if you want to darken a room and create privacy in bedrooms or living areas. 

Or if you’d like the blind to function in more than one way, windows can be fitted with two rollers. One sunscreen to keep down during the day to screen the sun and protect your furnishings, then a blockout fabric you can draw down at night – offering you total privacy.

NZWS20Luxaflex20Alto20Blockout20LXHB 213 D3.jpg.Jpeg

The coolest feature about Rollershades is that you can easily automate them for hands free use! Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning in bed, or when you’ve just sat down to watch a movie and forgot to draw the blinds. This means no dangling cords or tensioners, making them child and pet safe. 

Luxaflex automation can be hard-wired or battery, which means you can have automation on any budget! You can use a remote control or iPad/tablet/phone app to move the blinds up and down with ease. Using the app for automation means you can control the blinds even when you’re not at home – a great way to help control home security when you’re away.

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Come in to one of our showrooms to see the Gallery Exclusive range of Luxaflex Rollershades and to have a play with the automation – both addictive and satisfying.

We can come out to your place for a free measure and will work with you to put a look together that will suit your home.  ALSO Rollershades are on offer for the month of August with 15% off!


NZWS Luxaflex Contour Blockout RB 1922 150dpi3

NZWS Luxaflex Contour LF RB 1887 150dpi3

NZWS Luxaflex Ethos LF LXHB 217 C 150dpi3

NZWS Luxaflex Luceeda Blockout LXHB 214 D 150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Marblo LF DAM LXHB 218 D Print150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Aria Botanics LF LXHB 219 D Print 150dpi3

NZWS Luxaflex Prismatic Blockout DAM LXHB 220 D Print 150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Savanna LF RB 1941 150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Ethos Blockout RB 1952 150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Savanna Blockout RB 1899 150dpi2

NZWS Luxaflex Tempus Sheer20LXHB 205 D2.jpg201.Jpeg