Protect Your Furnishings From Our Harmful Sun


It might be cooling down at the moment in Wellington, but did you know sun fading can occur in your home all year round? Although the winter sun may not seem as harsh as the summer sun, it can do just as much damage as the sun sits lower in the sky and penetrates deeper into our rooms. We know the harsh UV rays in the sun damage our skin, but it can also damage our furnishings, flooring, and furniture. The good news is there are a range of effective and attractive options available to protect the investments you have made in your furnishings.


UV light is made up of three different bands, A, B & C. The UV-C band is the most harmful and is blocked by the atmosphere. UV-B is the main cause of sunburn, and is effectively blocked by standard glass. UV-A is the least harmful, but it still does damage to our skin and furnishings. It accounts for up to 95% of UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, and is the only UV band that can penetrate glass.

Based on the science behind colourfastness, the quality of dye used on fabrics plays a huge part in how quickly your furnishings will fade. Lewis’s works with suppliers who only use premium dyes in production. Different dyes are used for each type of fibre in the fabrics. Fabrics with a mixture of fibres often require a mixture of dyes to get the desired result. In situations requiring high levels of colourfastness we would recommend avoiding using cottons and linens, unless equally high levels of sun protection can be provided.

To help protect your home from the harmful effects of UV, Lewis’s offers a Free UV Audit of your home. Our Curtain Designers can measure the level of UV light coming through your windows and then, if more protection is requires, they can recommend the best options to address this. It makes sense to protect the investment you have made in your curtains, furniture and flooring, and to keep your furnishings looking beautiful for years to come. Click here to make an appointment for one of our In-Home consultants to complete a UV audit in your home.

The good news is there are a range of solutions that can be very successful in blocking these harmful rays. Below are Lewis’s top six options for sun protection. All options have been ranked by Lewis’s from 1 -10, with 10 bring total protection from the sun. Under this rating, a single pane of glass is rated a 2, blocking UV-B rays, but still allowing UV-A to penetrate.

Double glazing alone provides little protection. However some Double Glazing systems include a UV filter or treatment which can provide high levels pf protection.
*A Lewis’s FREE UV Audit can establish the effectiveness of your current protection

Alpine JD 01 High

WINDOW TINT - 5 or 9*
A window tint alone will reduce the volume of heat and light coming through a window. In addition, many of these tinted films also include a UV barrier which is highly effective.
*A Lewis’s FREE UV Audit can establish the effectiveness of your current protection

Car Tints1

Sheer curtains add a simple, soft, luxurious look to your room and they also provide great light control. By reducing the total amount of sunlight that comes through a window, they effectively reduce its harsh effects. Their effectiveness is dependent on the openness and volume (fullness) of the fabric used. They also look great when combined with a separate block-out lining for a completely different look and all those relaxing summer sleep-ins. Sheer curtains really are the most attractive sun protection option available!

Avenues JD 02 High

natura sheers 5

Dia JD

natura sheers 1

JD Contemporary Freemans 01 High


Luxaflex Venetians will block direct sunlight coming through a window by the tilting of the blades. However, they don’t provide protection from indirect sunlight which is still harmful.

NZWS Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian Blinds VB 1476 WIT

Luxaflex Sunscreen Blinds are very effective at reducing the overall volume of light coming through a window by approximately 90%, therefore providing a high level of sun protection. Luxaflex Sunscreen Blinds are available in sunscreen, light filtering and block-out fabric options, with each fabric offering a different level of privacy and light control to suit your individual needs. Not only will these blinds reduce the overall volume of light coming through your windows, but they also provide high levels of insulation to keep your home cool during the summer months, and warm when winter comes.

NZWS Luxaflex Aria Botanics LF LXHB 219 D Print 150dpi4

NZWS Luxaflex Ethos LF LXHB 217 C 150dpi4


Luxaflex Duette and Verosol Pleated Blinds in sheer fabrics, filter the sunlight while still allowing you to retain your view. Transparent Luxalfex Duettes offer both light control and privacy.



NZWS Luxaflex Duette Shades DS 1293

NZWS Luxaflex Duette Shades DS 1379


Visit one of our showrooms, or arrange an In-Home appointment at your home to find out more about protecting your furnishings from the sun.