New Release: The Artisan Collection


We are so excited to see Mokum’s latest collection ‘Artisan’ introduced to our showrooms this week.

Artisan pays homage to artisanal craftsmanship around the globe. The collection tributes the traditional Japanese concept of wabi sabi, a philosophy whereby beauty is not only found but celebrated in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

The Artisan collection offers a rustic yet curated mix of luxury upholstery, drapery and accessory textiles, in a refined, earthen colour palette and encourages one to pull away from the digital screens and into the present moment through tactile experiences in the home. The collection speaks to the past, through embracing traditional textile techniques but is developed with a contemporary sensibility, in keeping with Mokum’s design ethos which is both luxurious and authentic.

“With this collection we sought to contemporise craftsmanship and showcase the imprint of timeless textile techniques. We worked with specialist weaving structures, luxury yarns and artisanal printing and finishing processes to create subtly complex textiles in a palette that feels both modern and nostalgic.” - Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director

Pop into one of our showrooms to see this glorious collection of fabrics, and treat yourself to something a little luxurious – remember we have our FREE Curtain Making offer available this Christmas!
Or see the collection online here.


Artisan Mokum 17 Low V2

Artisan Mokum 02 Low

Artisan Mokum 05 Low

Artisan Mokum 12 Low V2

Artisan Mokum 18 Low V2

Artisan Mokum 06 Low

Artisan Mokum 03 Low

Artisan Mokum 09 Low

Artisan Mokum 10 Low

Artisan Mokum 15 Low V2

Artisan Mokum 19 Low V2

Artisan Mokum 13 Low

Artisan Mokum 14 Low

Artisan Mokum 20 Low

Artisan Mokum 16 Low