Luxury with Linen

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One trend we’ve noticed again and again and is appearing on many social media platforms is the resurgence of linen. Whether it’s on your back, your bed or your windows – it seems linen is back and here to stay.

Re-emerging from the depths of your grandmother’s embroidery collection, linen has returned with freshness, simplicity, luxury and comfort in which messy beds have never looked so inviting.




Linen is made from the flax plant (a different plant to New Zealand Harakeke Flax) and is one of the oldest documented textile fibres. Fragments discovered in prehistoric lake dwellings in Europe and in Egyptian tombs suggest the age and widespread use of the textile.

Linen is a superb fabric for those looking for an environmentally friendly fibre as it has much less of an environmental impact than cotton. Flax production requires fewer fertilizers and pesticides than cotton production.


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Linen is highly breathable so is great for both summer and winter, however moisture changes in the air does make linen prone to movement and the natural behaviour of linen should always be considered if used for drapes.

Drapes can be puddled onto the floor which will make the movement of the fibre less noticeable and will also create a relaxed, soft and carefree atmosphere within your home.

One of the greatest things about linen is it’s ability to age gracefully. The more it is used – the more it softens and becomes a nest of comfort. The colour as with most natural fibres will fade with age however choosing washed look linens will make fading appear to be a characteristic of the fibre and add to the beautiful patina of linen