Kids Rooms So Cool You’ll Wish They Were Yours


Re-decorating kid’s rooms can sometimes make parents a little apprehensive. There’s a certainty that they will someday grow out of the bright wall colours, or the Disney wallpaper that they assured you they will love until they are 18, but there’s also something quite off putting about four white walls and beige carpet.

If you’re enthusiastic about creating a unique and special space for your child with colour and pattern, there’s so much inspiration out there to get you started. We are seeing more and more children’s wallpapers and fabrics coming through our showrooms which can create fantastic furnishings. Everything from animals, outer space, geometrics, nature, food – there’s something for every little person!

Being selective with colour and versatile patterns can still provide creative ways to turn your child’s bedroom into a hub of excitement to let their imaginations run wild. Should they decide they are too old for it all, just a change of cushions, bed linen and possibly some accessories to transform it into something different.

Whatever your approach, there are no shortage of ideas out there to get you going. Take a peek at some of our favourite children’s rooms below to get you and your kids inspired!


Borastapeter Lilleby MG 9612

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