Intrepid Aesthetics: Casa Horta Barcelona by Guillermo Santoma


“A place to live is always transformed depending on the needs – the purpose is to live surrounded by something that represents you.”

Casa Horta – designed by and home to Guillermo Santoma is a 1920s three-storey house, located on the outskirts of Barcelona. According to Santoma, the only prerequisites were to preserve the buildings entrance, build a new bathroom and kitchen, and let light enter into the building from as many points as possible. The heritage space was gutted and renovated with only the bones of the original house, the feature floor tiles and the original doors left behind. The space now embraces simple geometry and an exquisitely bold choice of colour. The palette of stark white, blue, green and pink intensifies and defines the geometry and sharp angles throughout the house. Colour is used as a constructive element as well as decorative one – creating a vibrant and full of life home where staircases and bookcases create simple decoration and form. The tiny, 80’s pink square tiles juxtapose the classic Spanish tiles throughout forming a visually stunning home that is truly a work of art.

For colour inspiration try Resene Alabaster, Resene Resolution Blue, Resene Palm Green, Resene Japonica and Resene Gum Leaf.

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