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Surrounded by stunning landscapes, impressive coastlines and an abundance of sunshine, Australia is one of the most beautiful and serene destinations in our world.

In the vast uninhabited landscape lies the most inspiring sources of colour, texture, pattern, lighting, tranquility and vibrancy. Here are some home decorating ideas to inspire you to bring the Australian Outback into your home – or to simply encourage you to look to the New Zealand landscape for inspiration.


Achieve the Australian Outback Look

Australian interiors embody the emotion of being a part of nature. They construct the view as the artwork of the home and design based upon bringing the exterior within.

To achieve an Australian Outback interior, embrace texture, pattern, bold gestures of colour and soft inviting fabrics. Begin with a minimal colour palette – remember that layers, materiality and textures will be your best friend.

Allow your interior to then be lifted with a touch of colour. Be brave with contrasting colours; like bright rusty reds beautifully contrasting with vibrant blues. These rich colours and textures should be the pop in your home, but don’t apply it as a dominating colour. It should simply be a small sophisticated touch in your home.


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Designers typically select voile’s or light filtering blinds due to the house verandahs blocking direct sunlight within. These transparent window treatments allow the landscape to penetrate into the interior, making it the feature of your home. This also allows for fresh air to flow into the open plan interior in summer; making it perfect for Australia.

Furniture is chosen with clean lines to relax the interior, along with fabrics to enhance soft layers of texture. Additionally, the use of timber furniture expresses warmth. This contrasts against the confident flat lines of the walls, ceiling and floor. 


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Australian Outback interiors create a timeless and relaxed style that mimic the native look. They reference the landscape’s distance, selective detail, bold textures and vibrant colours. Look to your landscape to inspire you how to decorate your home.


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