Intrepid Aesthetics: Apartment Berlin Mitte


Paired back, sophisticated, and masculine are words I would use to articulate the mood of this inner-city Berlin apartment. There are key design elements at play throughout the interior; clean lines, flat textures and a desaturated colour palette. This palette is so strong in interiors at the moment, it is a trend a lot of New Zealander’s are gravitating towards.

To avoid monotony in a monochromatic palette, consider the introduction of a colour that works with your palette. Even a natural wood grain as seen in this apartment, introduces more depth and colour to the space, without changing the overall aesthetic.

A bold graphic also works well to breathe life into a monochromatic palette. Whether it be through a piece of art, a graphic print or a mural, a bold graphic is a great way to introduce personality to a room. This apartment features something incredibly unique, a hand painted ‘doodle’ ceiling in the living space. What a fantastic way to embrace non-conventional decorating.

However staged as this shoot may be, there is something behind the idea of minimalist living. Many people are opting for cleaner, more open spaces nowadays, utilizing smart storage options to clear clutter. This can help when trying to achieve a minimalist yet balanced room, as there is much less content to consider.

Interior Design / Styling & Experience Concept by Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger
Photography by Steve Herud