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A classic and timeless style that won't date, the ever popular 'Hamptons Style' interiors are becoming more and more popular with New Zealand home owners. Elegant, warm and most importantly homely, the Hamptons home is incredibly sought after. We all like an environment where we can relax after the hustle and bustle of each day. A home that is simple yet sophisticated and is both inviting and welcoming.

Hamptons Style is inspired by the Hamptons region of Long Island in New York, a popular holiday destination featuring some of the most expensive residential properties in the US. The Hamptons are known for its high-class visitors and massive mansions. However, Hamptons style, is sophisticated in a relaxed and welcoming way, combining the coastal look with a hint of French provincial glamour.

To create your own Hamptons inspired beach retreat, start with colour. The colours of the sand, sea, and tussocks work so perfectly together in nature, and are such a simple palette to replicate indoors. Embrace a mix of soft neutrals, such as white, off-white, taupe and pale beige, with pops of cornflower blue, navy, and mint.

In terms of fabrics, the key is to keep things light, breezy and natural. Linen, or linen look fabrics, and simple sheer filters are perfect for this look. Add rattan accessories, timber, a sisal or hemp rug and a few plants to complete the look. Finally, keep your interior minimal, but layered. Embrace different textures over more accessories. As you will see above, there is no sign of shells, faux starfish or Gone Fishin’ signs in this upmarket style. The end result will be a room that feels rich and luxurious, without being overwhelming cramped.

A house feels comfortable if there is a sense that it has been lived in. Don’t fall into the trap of the staged show home look; personalise your décor by injecting your own style into the design. Karl Lagerfeld advises, "it’s not luxury if it isn’t comfortable." A classic approach to interior design with your own eclectic touches, creates a look that is effortless luxury.

Whether you live by the sea or not, be inspired to create your own relaxed, luxurious retreat. Have a look at some of our favourite Hamptons style homes! 



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