First Day of Christmas


1. A Room Full of Love

Christmas is all about family and as your guests start arriving, it is important to make sure your guest room is a reflection of your love for them. Treat your guests by creating a gorgeous retreat for them to relax in this Christmas.

Remember that your guest room isn’t for one particular person. Keep colours neutral and don’t include anything that is overly feminine or masculine. Add flowers or magazines for a personalized touch that can easily be changed. Secondly, consider adding a blackout lining to your curtains. If your guest is on holiday, chances are they don’t want to be woken up at sunrise! Finally, if you have space, add a statement chair in the corner of your room. Not only does it look great but it gives your guests somewhere to relax with a good book or somewhere for them to lay tomorrow’s outfit out on.

2. New Release Blake Collection

Charles Parson’s latest collection, the Blake Collection, is a vibrant range of contemporary prints and beautifully woven fabrics. Featuring bold geometric designs in a stunning mix of exciting brights and soft neutrals, this selection of statement fabrics will create a stylish and modern theme. Charles Parson’s Heeley and Carrie upholstery fabrics match perfectly to the Blake tones to help you create a complete room.

This is the perfect collection to freshen up your guest room or add a bit of colour to your living area this summer. We are in love!

3. A Focus on Filters

Filters, also known as sheer curtains, are becoming increasingly popular again and they are far more modern and attractive than the old fashioned net curtain from the 70s. Not only do Sheers add a simple, yet luxurious, look to your room but they also provide great light control. Sheer curtains are the perfect choice to protect your furnishings from the harsh UV rays this Summer. They also look great when combined with a second light block-out layer for all those relaxing summer sleep-ins.

Lewis’s is proud to stock Wellington’s exclusive range of Louis Alexander filters. Available in a range of colours and patterns, we think they are absolutely stunning.