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We all remember the lacy net curtains that were popular in the 70s and remind us of our Grandma's house. The sheer curtains that have been becoming increasingly popular are far more modern and attractive than the old fashioned net curtain.


Sheer curtains add a simple, soft and luxurious look to your room and they also provide great light control. Invest in sheer curtains that remain closed during the day. Although they do not specifically filter out the UV light, they considerably reduce the overall volume of sunlight that comes through the window, reducing its harsh effects.


Haiti by Villa Nova


Installing sheers that are significantly wider than the window ensures that when they are closed, the curtain still has gorgeous soft waves in the fabric. They also look great when combined with a separate block out lining for a completely different look. You can block out light altogether at night with both layers closed, and open the block out layer to let subtle light in the room during the day.

Floor to ceiling sheer curtains are also great for making a room feel bigger as the visual line from the ceiling to the floor gives an illusion of a greater ceiling height.


Aurora from Interstellar by Mokum


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