Design Series | Drapery Influence

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Drapery has the power to completely transform the atmosphere of your interior from light and bright, tranquil and calming or moody and dramatic. For what can be a dynamic result in your space, their visual impact and insulating properties are just some of their great qualities that are a key asset for the look and feel of your interior.


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The size and amount of natural light in your space can have an influence over the drapery colour you select. Being mindful of the room size, function and overall feel you want to achieve are the main points to consider.




Types of fabric also play a crucial role when selecting that statement fabric for your interiors. With many to choose from including Polyester, Cotton, Linen or Velvet, some of these may lend themselves to be more suitable than others due to their inherent qualities.




Don’t forget about pattern! Many play it safe with plain solid colours for drapery but there is opportunity to introduce pattern on some level whether it is subtle or bold it is worth considering but be sure you love it!




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