Design Series | Colour Part 3


Visualise your components

Think about how certain aspects of your mood board can be translated well into a surface or object. Start becoming materials focussed.

A piece of old rope = perhaps a jute mat or nautical inspired lighting, a speckled robin’s egg = a beautiful ceramic bowl, a spotted wallpaper or a flecked granite benchtop, an image of a waterfall  = flowing drapes in ombre aqua and greens, blown glass pendant lamps or a mosaic of multi coloured tiles.


Material Studio David Thulstrup Yellowtrace 0147dc303bbdcaf59fed8d656f85c359f94


Understanding colour theory

If you have low ceilings or low light, grey based whites will make the space look more shadowy and dull – look at whites with a touch more warmth to them. Timber accents tend to warm up cooler colours as well as working with analogous colour combinations to soften a palette. Alternatively go bold in darker spaces with mid to deep tones to accentuate and frame certain features. The contrast is sharper and will therefore make lighter colours appear more vibrant.


Dark colours recede whereas warm, bright colours appear to advance – this means the right dark colours can actually make your space seem bigger. Once you have an idea of how these will work, sample boards are the next organic step into creating a tactile collection of your intended materials. Remember to keep the proportions of materials realistic to your space, for example if you were to have a timber floor and wallpapered walls, these would be your largest samples. By keeping your proportions to scale, the relationships between colours will stay balanced to help you visualise everything as best you can.


Sit on your combinations for a little while and ultimately follow your gut. The home is your nest and very important to us all, therefore in order to live in these spaces there is no point in creating something you are unhappy with. If you don’t want to commit completely, start somewhere small like the bathroom or hallway to begin your colour journey.


resene patterened floor homestyle 2stillstars