Design Series | Colour Part 2



Inspiration for interiors doesn’t have to come from interiors. You need to create the mood you want to encapsulate within your home. Get visual, make mood boards, use objects you find, dried flowers, rope, paint and fabric swatches, imagery from things you like; it could be from a mug you found at an antique shop or a photograph you took while on holiday in the Nevada desert or even a painting from your favourite artist. Try not to be limited to what you see driving around your neighbourhood looking at other people’s houses or that shade of beige your friend told you to try – because chances are, the colour is going to look completely different in your house.


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Break down the elements

Look at your mood board or your Pinterest board and draw out the most striking and recurring elements and analyse them. What are the dominant colours? Are they a combination of colours? Is it the texture of shaggy rugs you are drawn to? Is it that shade of green you seem to be using a lot? Are you collecting a lot of objects? Are you fascinated by a particular Matisse painting? Is it the varying shades of pink and orange in your Nevada image? What are the proportions of colour? Are you drawn to patterns? Are you drawn to monochromatic colours?

Drawing out colour

This is probably the hardest step for a lot of people; however there are tools to help. Thik of ways you can emulate your design elements. If you have drawn out a palette of colours, how can they be distributed thoughout a house? Paint up some A2 cards of your colours and rotate them around for a few days to get an idea of how they will behave in your home.

Some colours can be translated well into fabric or wallpaper and others suit a paint finish. Don't be restrained with walls - you also have ceilings, floors, doors and trim, benchtops, cabinetry, stairs, handrails and dado rails you can work with.  Rugs, cushions, art, wallpaper, tiling, curtains, furniture and objects are also ways to add colour without painting.


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