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Art Nouveau (‘new art’ - translated from French) dates back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, sweeping through decorative art and architecture of Europe and beyond.

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The movement was aimed at creating an international form for ornamentation to modernise design. This design intent was seeking to escape and abolish the existing historical styles that had previously been popular during this time. Artists drew from organic, feminine and geometrical forms, creating the Art Nouveau characteristics of intricate linear designs and flowing curves. To complete the Art Nouveau style, artists combined a muted and soft colour palette of whites, mustard yellow, browns, olives and lilac.

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Nowadays, the undeniable beauty of the Art Nouveau movement is still used to inspire interiors. Solely defined as being a decorative and ornamental interior style, it can be used to create a classy, sophisticated and aristocratic look to your home.


To achieve the Art Nouveau interior, merely add a statement curtain rod or finials, choose bold and patterned wallpaper to highlight a plain wall or incorporate furniture that exaggerates curves in its legs and arms.

French Ornament 3021 53x53 cm

Be inspired by the beauty of the Art Nouveau movement and a little more detail to your home. 


Pictured above:     Fingers, Reflection White Sheer |  Florence Broadhurst  

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