Child Safety | It’s Not Worth The Risk

Child Safety

Do you have little ones in your home who find that curtains and blinds are one of the most enjoyable household items to play with? Curtains are certainly high on the list for the ideal hide-and-seek spot.
At Lewis’s we have taken a leading approach to child safety ensuring that all children are safe from the danger of curtain and blind cords.

“I’m a mum of three and thought I was pretty well versed in keeping my kids safe. I hadn’t ever heard or thought about the dangers of vertical blind cords until this morning. Our 14-month-old girl had inadvertently wrapped the cord around her neck then tripped over. Thankfully she was able to let out a cry and I was only in the next room.” – Rangiora, Mother of Three.


Consumer NZ has reported thirteen deaths from blind-cord accidents in NZ between 2002 and 2009 and we know this tragic trend has continued. It’s very easy to get caught up in life, become complacent and have the attitude that ‘it won’t happen to us’ - until it does.

We have decided that it is not worth the risk.

Lewis’s has adopted a strong position on child safety with our decision to take all practical options to provide the maximum level of child safety possible. We have taken the approach that Child safety is no longer optional for either Lewis’s or our customers, as we can never be sure that at some time in the future, a toddler or child may gain access to the blinds and curtains in our homes.  All Child Safety Devices provided with Lewis’s products must be installed.


As part of Lewis’s Child Safety Initiative, our measurers will now offer clients a free Child Safety Audit of all their curtains and blinds throughout their home while they are there measuring. If any untethered looped cords or chains are identified, we will install Child Safety Clips free of charge. Child Safety is important to us, so it does not matter whether Lewis’s supplied the blinds & tracks or if they were supplied by another retailer, we will still install Child Safety Clips free of charge.

If you would like some child safety clips for your own curtain and blind cords, fill in our contact form here and we will post some out to you – free of charge!