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Design Series | Colour Part 1

Colour Series 1

In a world absolutely bursting with colour with such a vast range of hues and shades it seems a shame that most of our homes are left with very little...

Design Series || Fashioned Flooring

Design Series Flooring

Wooden flooring has been and is still a very popular choice for people, especially when renovating which is something Kiwis are known for.

Design Series || Turning Down the Noise


Noise.......... it’s with us every day yet if asked what core design elements should be considered when planning an interior, noise is not normally one of the first.

Design Series: Lighting


Lighting is considered one of the most important elements of an interior space. It can effectively evoke an atmosphere or mood, enrich your space or simply be used functionally.

Design Series || Introduction


Lewis’s is about to embark on another exciting insight into the design world with our new DESIGN SERIES.