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Design Movements || Gorgeous Georgian


The crowning of King George I in 1714 saw a shift in design to what is now known as the Georgian era.

Design Movements | Oh, Rococo


Stemming from Baroque interiors, the Rococo design movement occurred throughout the 18th century. The term Rococo is derived from the French word ‘rocaille’, which is used to describe rock and...

Design Movements | Baroque


Baroque interiors are the essence of dramatic design. Overflowing with embellishment, Baroque interiors perfect the art of incorporating excessive amounts of detail whilst remaining sophisticated, luxurious and elegant.

Design Movements | Renaissance “Rebirth” of Design


Originating in Italy in the early 14th Century, the Renaissance period lasted until the late 16th Century and was seen throughout all of Europe.

An Introduction to the Design Movement Series


Introducing you to Lewis’s exclusive DESIGN MOVEMENT SERIES. In the following months, we will be identifying a beautiful array of key design movements to educate and inspire your interiors.A design...