The Block Sky High Sheers

Those that followed The Block Sky High might have noticed the popularity of sheer curtains. They completed the look in Alisa and Lysandra’s winning ground floor kitchen and were also used in Madi and Jarod’s winning bedroom the week prior.

We all remember the lacy net curtains that were popular in the 70s and remind us of our Grandma’s house. The sheer curtains that have been becoming increasingly popular are far more modern and attractive than the old fashioned net curtain. Not only do sheers provide light control, but they add a simple yet luxurious look to your room.

Installing sheers that are significantly wider than the window ensures that when they are closed, the curtain still has gorgeous soft waves in the fabric. There is also the option of adding a second block-out layer to your window. You can block-out light altogether at night with both layers closed and open the block-out layer to let subtle light into the room during the day. Floor to ceiling sheer curtains are also great for making a room feel bigger as the long visual line from the ceiling to the floor gives an illusion of additional ceiling height.

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