The Benefits Of Bespoke

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Forget mass market and run-of-the-mill readymade curtains and home furnishings. Customisation is the latest decorating trend and it is all about originality and innovation. Some people question why it is worth investing in bespoke or custom-made furnishings. Well, the short answer is they look amazing! But there are a number of other benefits of choosing bespoke.


    • Buying bespoke is about finding your own style and investing in it, rather than falling prey to the latest trends. You have to live in the space, and it should represent you. Bespoke furnishings are an extension of your personality - you don’t have the same personality as everybody else, and your home shouldn’t look the same as everyone else’s home.  Going bespoke allows you to commission pieces that will be uniquely personal and tailored to your style.


    • Custom-made furnishings are often regarded as an expensive choice. The truth is, you are given complete control over the situation and you have the freedom to choose between different pricing options. When more expensive options are chosen, you can be confident you’re investing in something that is unique and something that you will love for years to come.


    • Not only do custom-made curtains look amazing, but by investing in custom-made, you are investing in quality. Not only will your curtains last longer, but the quality insulating linings on the curtains will keep your home warm, decrease your power bill, provide maximum light block out and reduce outside noise.


If you are interested in finding out more about Lewis’s custom-made curtains, book an appointment with one of our curtain designers here, who can help you create something truly unique and gorgeous.