New Release | Majorelle Collection

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This week we are so excited to introduce the latest collection by Catherine Martin, Majorelle. 

You may have heard her name out there, but who is Catherine Martin? Catherine is a film, stage and interior designer with 4 Oscars, 5 BAFTAs and a Tony Award, among many other awards. To the millions who have seen the movies she’s worked on, the wife of Oscar-nominated director, producer and writer, Baz Luhrmann, CM is known as the woman who made the outlandish costumes for Moulin Rouge! (2001), for transporting us through fashion and interiors in The Great Gatsby (2013), and for collaborating on the contemporary reinterpretation of Romeo + Juliet (1996).

CM’s passion for authenticity is the same quality that she brings to her burgeoning interiors business. Her design aesthetic for the home has resulted in elegant, timeless and yet always functional creations that inspire and transport.

Catherine’s latest interior collection, ‘Majorelle’ has just landed in our Ngauranga showroom and we are in love. Majorelle is an eclectic collection of luxury textiles inspired by her recent foray into tropical flora and fauna whilst taking design influence from Orientalism and exotic faraway lands. Think animal print, embellished tropical designs, Moroccan tiles and deep plush velvets.

It is a collection that is both glamorous and comfortable, and meant to frame ‘elegantly sipping a cocktail’.

Check out some of our favourite looks from the collection below.



Hammam Ribbon


Majorelle CMbyMokum 20 High

Majorelle CMbyMokum 16 High

La Palma

Majorelle CMbyMokum 21A High


Leopardo Ribbpn


Majorelle CMbyMokum 22 High

Majorelle CMbyMokum 24 High

Majorelle CMbyMokum 29 High

Majorelle CMbyMokum 41 High

Bengal Tiger

Majorelle CMbyMokum 15 High



Majorelle Wallpaper


Majorelle CMbyMokum 42 High



Shagreen Wallpaper