Netflix Binge - Interior Inspiration Edition


I’m sure you’ve all got some goodies; some shows which are bringing you joy during lockdown. We also wanted to share our recent Netflix binges. Whether you’re starting a home build, renovations, or just a general snoop at what others are doing, Netflix has so much to offer!

These are our top series for interior inspiration whilst we’ve been spending time inside, and they sure are getting the creative juices flowing. If you haven’t caught up with these series yet, here’s a list from our team. Happy binge-watching!

Interior Design Masters
A UK competition series where aspiring Interior Designers team up and take on design challenges. Working in all sorts of spaces, from housing developments to hair salons and restaurants, these challenges test the strength and creativity of the contestants – just ignore some of the dodgy paint finishes and upcycled furniture.

Design Masters 1

Design Masters 2

Design Masters 3

Queer Eye
Same show, but not as we remember it from 2000’s. Five style experts develop relationships with both men and women from different social and cultural backgrounds, think social commentary combined with style advice. We especially enjoy the spaces that interior designer Bobby Berk faces, when he goes into guests’ homes and creates some seriously beautiful and life changing results.

Queer Eye Interiors 1

Queer Eye Interiors 2

Queer Eye Interiors 3

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
Gentle, methodical Marie Kondo may inspire some sorting up at your place. Each episode features Kondo helping someone sort their home, and in the process their life. Its interior inspiration combined with therapy - you’ll find tearjerkers and tidying tips in each episode.

Marie Kondo Interiors 3

Marie Kondo Interiors 4

Amazing Interiors
Keep an open mind when watching this one! This is an American series that showcases homes with unusual interiors – and we mean unusual. Ordinary exteriors, and unique worlds created inside the home, this series really celebrates creativity.

Amazing Interiors 1

Amazing Interiors 22

Amazing Interiors 33

Grace & Frankie
A truly hilarious series featuring the comical styling of Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin, Grace & Frankie is a series that had us drooling over the different interiors. There’s the formal and luxurious family ‘American Dream’ home, the relaxed Cape Cod beach house, and the earthy ‘bachelors’ bungalow in the suburbs – the set designers for the series have created some INCREDIBLE interiors.

Grace Frankie Interiors 1

Grace Frankie Interiors 2

Grace Frankie Interiors 3