How To Do | Checks, Ginghams and Tartans

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Checks, ginghams, tartans are classic textiles – both in fashion and interiors. These designs have been in use since the third century AD and are still massively relevant in today’s interiors. There is a common association of tartan adorning a themed room such as a man cave or study, or ginghams throughout a farmhouse style cottage, HOWEVER get the colours and scale right for your space, and these fabrics are incredibly useful geometrics.

Have a look at these ideas below and see how you can make checks, ginghams and tartans work in your home.

The way to use these fabrics successfully is in moderation – they have the potential to be overdone, so in using them wisely and picking the colours carefully, can help in resolving a successful scheme.

Contrast patterns and colours – this is important as a feminine type of pattern (florals or botanicals), combined with the masculinity of these checks and plaids allows them to complement each other perfectly.


Carefully consider the colours of these patterns - primary reds and blues can have traditional, or school uniform feel. Therefore, selecting your colour and the dominance of it will determine how classic the overall look is. Neutral is always good to begin with.


Accessorise - Don’t forget CUSHIONS. They are transformative and can make you look like you are a veteran interior designer by simply placing a well-chosen cushion next to some complementary ones. Ta – dah!



Most importantly, have fun and find patterns you love!