How To Do | Black & White

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Chic, elegant, sophisticated; black and white are still fabulously in style.

Monochrome, black and white interiors have stood the test of time through the ever-changing eras of style. From the diverse geometric prints of the 60s to the clean lines of minimalist design, the iconic black and white colour scheme has become a design staple and it’s not going anywhere. It is a trend that is continuously being reinvented, making its appearance in the form of stripes, herringbone, checks, spots, florals...the list goes on.

The key to a monochrome inspired room is to create interest through texture and pattern. People often worry that a monochrome colour scheme will feel cold but carefully chosen accessories are an ideal way to soften the effect and add depth to the room. It is the perfect trend for people who are reluctant to choose bold colours and prints but still want to be on trend and because most of us already have black and white in our homes, it’s one of the easiest trends to adopt.

The best thing of all about a monochrome palette is that there’s always the option of including an unexpected splash of colour. An accent piece such as a bright orange vase or yellow cushion will have a truly dramatic effect. Rules, after all, are meant to be broken.

If you are looking for a design style that will look chic and elegant for years to come, discover and embrace the joys of black and white.